Friday, April 18, 2014

China and Egypt

David P. Goldman writes that, for better or worse, Egypt's economy is no longer our problem.
More to the point, Egypt and China earlier this month signed an $800 million memorandum of understanding for the construction of high-speed rail from the country’s northern borders down to Aswan. China will invest $1.5 trillion in Africa during the next 15 years by some estimates, and Egypt is the land bridge to Africa. Egypt will be a spur on the New Silk Road that China is building from Beijing to the Bosphorus.

After three years of hallucinations about the future of the Middle East, we have woken up to a different world with a new set of players and a new set of problems. We have dealt ourselves out of the game and appear condemned to watch helplessly as others play — or, more likely, not to watch at all, for the foreign policy establishment seems oblivious to the great changes around them. The only consolation is that we no longer will require the services of Egypt experts at our thinktanks.
(Underline added). Another Obama victory.

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