Monday, March 17, 2014

Even the Liberals are Beginning to Figure it Out...

The Baffler notes the real reason that the Democratic Party has been pushing the Koch brothers so heavily:
... But from my vantage point, as the recipient of dozens and dozens of unsolicited fundraising emails from the Democratic party and affiliated advocacy groups, this focus on the Kochs is mostly about raising money for the Democratic party.

The Kochs have been popular Democratic punching bags since 2010, when the Brothers K. greatly expanded their financial commitments to conservative candidates following the Citizens United decision. Jane Mayer’s lengthy New Yorker article revealing the scope of their reach was what made most people start paying attention to them. When Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was trying to break the state’s public-sector unions in early 2011, the Kochs were major supporters. This sure does anger those “committed” Democrats that Steve M. referenced. In fact, they anger them right into opening up their wallets!

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