Monday, February 17, 2014

"Why Bosses Have Stopped Marrying Their Secretaries"


I've seen several articles on this topic lately. Most run like this Daily Mail article:
Researchers at the National Bureau of Economic Research, in the US, found a significant rise in similarly educated couples marrying, with similar results being found in British studies. 
Nearly half of married graduate men had married female graduates in 2005, compared with just a quarter in 1960, a study of American census data by Pennsylvania University found. 
At the other end of the scale, nearly 60 per cent of women who had only been educated to high school level were married to men of the same education in 2005, compared to just over 40 per cent in 1960. 
The changes stem from the larger numbers of women going to university, social mobility experts said.

... But experts fear the trend is creating greater inequality in household incomes, as successful and low-earning couples stayed apart.
A US postgraduate couple could earn 119 per cent more than the average income in 2005, but a postgraduate woman married to a man who had not finished high school would earn 8 per cent less than average. 
Economics professor Stephen Machin, of University College London, said: 'It suggests a polarisation of skills in households. It's been a driving factor behind inequality and most people would say that's not good.'
However, none of the articles I've looked at discuss the possible role of Title VII, which prohibits discrimination, including sexual harassment, in the workplace. A supervisor would be stupid to even try and initiate a relationship with a subordinate.

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