Thursday, February 6, 2014

What a Harvard Education Gets You

ABC News reports:
It’s the ultimate in going green. An environmental science professor is making a 33-square-foot dumpster his new home for the next year. 
His name is Dr. Jeff Wilson, but since embarking on this journey, he’s now going by Professor Dumpster. 
He teaches at Huston-Tillotson University in Austin, Texas, and received his Ph.D. from Harvard. 
The goal is to embrace energy efficiency, and to prove that it is possible to live on a smaller scale — a much smaller scale. 
This whole project revolves around using one percent of what an average American uses: one percent of the water, energy and waste.
The story indicates that Wilson began thinking of this idea two-years ago. However, inside sources suggest it came to Wilson while watching the CBS show, 2 Broke Women. He reportedly told the sources that if really "hot" women lived in dumpsters, he was going to see if he could get some. Wilson denies that he is intending on suing CBS for stealing his ideas.

Wilson indicated that his first challenge was getting into and out of the dumpster. "The sides are sort of tall," he commented. He is open to suggestions to solve his problem, saying he would even consider ideas from people that had only been admitted to Yale or Princeton. He laughed off the idea of a passing workman. "Ladders are what you use to climb higher in the corporate world," Wilson explained. "I'm not into that corporate stuff--I'm not part of the 1%." He also was adamant that he had not stepped into any feces. "I don't know why people keep yelling 'step stool' at me. I don't yet understand the common colloquialisms of the proletariat, but I'll learn," he confidently stated with a sigh.

According to the ABC report, he faces other problems, though, "like walking a mile down the hill to the town lake for water."
The outlook is positive, though. Wilson says in six months he hopes to have things like an air conditioner and an X-box. A shower, a toilet and even WiFi is in the works, too. 
"Since I will only produce 1% of the crap of the typical wasteful American, the toilet shouldn't be any problem," he said. The ABC report also noted:
Dr. Wilson has a whole team behind him, including a student organization called Green is the New Black. He says team members can even volunteer to spend the night in the dumpster and give him the night off. ...
 "I'm hoping that the red-head will volunteer first. Then maybe I won't be taking the night off, if you know what I mean," Wilson commented as his left eye twitched closed.

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