Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Face of Tyranny -- IRS Thuggery

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Rex Tyrannus

Bradley A. Smith writes at the Wall Street Journal about connecting the dots on the IRS scandal. He notes that there is a clear progression from the Jan. 21, 2010, Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. FEC upholding the right of corporations and unions to make independent expenditures in political races, the various comments from the White House and other senior Democrats criticizing the decision, to calls from senior Democrats asking the IRS to investigate the 501(c)(4) (i.e., tax exempt) status, and criticism when the IRS initially did nothing, to a sudden change in IRS rules and handling of 501(c)(4) applications by conservative groups. Smith notes the similarity to another tyrant of old:
In 1170, King Henry II is said to have cried out, on hearing of the latest actions of the Archbishop of Canterbury, "Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?" Four knights then murdered the archbishop. Many in the U.S. media still willfully refuse to see anything connecting the murder of the archbishop to any actions or abuse of power by the king.

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