Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I Guess the Science Is Not Settled--Shroud of Turin Edition

Those of you that have read the Biblical account of the death of Christ may remember the bit about an earthquake so strong that it tore the temple veil. Well, that earthquake, or an aftershock, may have impacted the dating of the Shroud of Turin:

Radiation from an earthquake may be responsible for the mysterious Turin Shroud image many believe to be a depiction of Jesus Christ, scientists claim.
An Italian team claims the powerful magnitude 8.2 earthquake, which occurred in Old Jerusalem in the year 33 AD, would have been strong enough to release neutron particles from crushed rock. 
The flood of neutrons may have imprinted an X-ray-like image onto the linen burial cloth by reacting with nitrogen nuclei, say the researches.

In addition, the radiation emissions would have increased the level of carbon-14 isotopes - atomic strains of carbon - in the Shroud.
According to the scientists, this may well have confused carbon dating tests conducted in 1988 which suggested the cloth was only 728 years old, and therefore likely to be a forgery.

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