Monday, February 3, 2014

Hello Pot! Kettle Calling.

The Daily Mail is shocked that Americans are upset with Coke's uber-PC ad where America the Beautiful is sung in various languages, terming the reaction xenophobic. What is sad is that reporters at the Daily Mail presumably are skilled at English, yet seem to be ignorant of the meaning of the word "xenophobia."

Since language is the tie that binds a country together, and command of the language is necessary for socio-economic advancement, those who don't want immigrants to learn English do those immigrants a deep disservice. More of that subconscious hatred and elitism from liberals, I suppose.

I'm not alone in thinking this as I ran across several articles and op-eds from British newspapers suggesting that immigrants to England should, you know, learn English. For instance, this from the Daily Express:
LOOK, it’s not rocket science. If you’re going to live in Spain you know you’ll have to learn the lingo even if it’s only Spanish for hello, goodbye and two beers please. Same goes for France, Italy, Germany – in fact anywhere that doesn’t have English as its main language.

So why do almost 800,000 immigrants in this country admit they struggle with English or can’t speak it at all? How do they think they’re going to live a full life and prosper in their new home?

There was an old joke that when you arrived at Heathrow you only needed to know two words of English: social security. Under Labour that joke became reality I’m afraid and it’s just not funny any more.
The Telegraph recently published an op-ed by Eric Pickles, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, pointing out the necessity of teaching English to immigrants. Apparently, England requires various levels of English proficiency for different types of visas.

France likewise requires immigrants to have a basic command of French. In September 2012, Androulla Vassiliou, EU Conmmissioner for Education, Culture and Youth, stated that immigrants should be required to learn the language of their host country. Angela Merkel has stated the same thing.

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