Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ukrainian Opposition Sets Up Its Own Parliament

According to one of the resistance movements:

On the statutory meeting of the People’s Rada (People’s Council) of Ukraine the Declaration to announce the People’s Rada of Ukraine was ratified.

The People’s Rada of Ukraine is a representative organ of the people’s deputies of the protection of the Constitution, said MP of “Batkivschyna” Andrew Pyshniy.

The Rada incorporates oppositional and individual MPs, that stand by protecting the Constitution, constitutional order and democracy, parliamentarism and oppose dictatorship and the usurpation of power by the Yanukovych regime.

The People’s Rada will exercise legislative power to monitor the implementation of issues that according to p.4 of the Constitution are in the authority of the Verhovna Rada and “are now usurped by the Yanukovych regime”.

According to the Declaration, in the Crimea, every area of Kyiv and Sevastopol, in the cities and regions on the basis of oppositional party factions in the regional, city and district councils the People’s Radas are formed as inter-factional parliamentary associations, which will protect constitutional rights and freedoms along with the People’s Rada.

The People’s Rada of Ukraine plans to organize and convene a Public Constitutional Assembly as an organ to draft a new Constitution of Ukraine, which is to restore legality and law and order, the balance between the branches of government, their independence from one another and the introduction of real local self-government in Ukraine.

The establishment of the People’s Rada shall be confirmed by citizens of Ukraine by collecting signatures.

The declaration mentions that the People’s Rada of Ukraine will form the People’s Electoral Commission from oppositional MP’s who are members of the counting board of the Verhovna Rada. The People’s Electoral Commission will carry out the national polls and determine their results. In Crimea, each oblast, region, district, and city people’s electoral commissions of deputies of the city, district and local councils from opposition factions will be formed.
 An interesting solution to a non-responsive government--make a new one. We may be there after the next couple of election cycles.

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