Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Brave New World

Whenever hit by a crises, leftists tend to run home to "mama" ideologically speaking. In this case, as ObamaCare tanks in the U.S., the leftist are beginning to return to their Nazi and Stalin-like mass killing and eugenic roots. John Nolte explains:
On the pages of the Sunday [New York] Times Keller reveals a monstrous philosophy that in so many ways is revealing of the elite left as a whole -- especially as it pertains to ObamaCare. In so many words, Keller just can't bring himself to understand why Adams doesn't give up her fight and die. In his mind, her death is inevitable and all she's doing is spending a lot of money that could be better spent elsewhere
... Keller's primary fear seems to be that Adams will serve as an example to others to never give up -- to keep spending someone's inheritance or The State's money as opposed to dying with dignity like a good little socialist.
This all seems to stem from the left's horrific view of humans as a biological accident, and life as nothing more than utilitarian, as opposed to something sacred.
... The Kellers are engaging in life-shaming, which like fat-shaming, is an excuse to tell someone else what to do while couching it in a "greater good" argument. To hell with personal freedom, let's force people to be healthy because obesity costs our beloved State money. And now this brave woman, who is understandably desperate to see her children grow up, and who believes sharing her story will help others, is being life-shamed on the pages of the Guardian and New York Times because the Kellers are made uncomfortable by the idea of someone making the personal choice to stay alive for every possible day and minute she can.
Read the whole thing. Also, Ed Driscoll has more on this issue, which he calls Soylent Green Liberalism.

However, it must be remembered that this is in the very nature of leftist philosophies. It is no accident or mere coincidence that the Nazis, the Soviets, and communist Chinese exterminated millions of their own people. It is no accident that the various post-WWII socialist regimes relied on slave labor (yes, even England used German POWs as slave laborers, and the United States, in its fifth term with a Democrat as president, also dipped into this horrible practice). The very purpose of the left, whether they call themselves "liberals," "fascists," "socialists," "progressives," or "communists," is to enslave and force compliance with their goals. As Hayek explains so well in his book, The Road to Serfdom, leftist philosophy requires tyranny and dictatorship.

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