Friday, January 10, 2014

Muslim Terror and the Innocence of Liberals

Daniel Greenfield, writing at his Sultin Knish blog, discusses the witch-hunt against Mark Basseley Youssef, the maker of the "Innocence of Muslims" video that the left is so desperate to blame for the Benghazi massacre. Greenfield contends that what is at stake for the left is not merely portraying Islam as a peaceful religion, but defending the Progressive's accommodation and tacit support of Islamic terrorism. He writes:
This is our War on Terror, a war which is waged to convince Americans that there is no such thing as Muslim terrorism and to convince Muslims that they should stop being terrorists.

The more people die of Muslim violence, the more the principle of the innocence of Muslims must be upheld, because it is no longer just the innocence of Muslims that is at stake, but the innocence of the political establishment that looked away while the Muslim fires burned.

A political establishment determined to protect its innocence will go to any length, and political prisoners are the least of it.

After the Arab Spring and the Libyan War, it has become impossible to untangle the guilt of Obama from the guilt of Islamists. That is the dirty secret that the fire marshals of the establishment are determined to protect.

The cover-up of Islam's conduct has become their cover-up of their own conduct as well. So long as Islam can claim innocence, they can claim innocence as well, and those who challenge the innocence of Muslims and by extension the innocence of the political establishment will become the first political prisoners.
One of the comments to the Greenfield's post asks how Americans have come to this. However, Greenfield's own post notes the answer to this, comparing Youssef's treatment by the Obama Administration to that of Robert Goldstein, who, in 1917, produced The Spirit of '76--a movie that was inconvenient for Woodrow Wilson's desire to embroil the U.S. in World War I--and jailed on Wilson's orders. This is something that started a long time ago, and cemented into place by the "greatest generation."

The question is whether we can be a better generation, and bring this up over and over the next few years while Hillary Clinton and the MSM try to bury it.

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