Monday, January 13, 2014

Moving Toward War in South China Sea

I don't normally cite to Info Wars articles, but this one links several stories together from other sources about the escalating brinkmanship being played out in the South China Sea. The key article is one from the China Daily Mail, alleged to be a translation from "Chinese media," in which it announces that China has plans for retaking the Spratly Islands. The article claims that the Philippines have stolen the islands, and:
According to experts, the Chinese navy has drawn a detailed combat plan to seize the island and the battle will be restricted within the South China Sea.

The battle is aimed at recovery of the island stolen by the Philippines from China.

There will be no invasion into Filipino territories.
That the Chinese military has drawn up plans is not conclusive of itself--every military draws up contingency plans without necessarily having any present intent to act on such plans. It would probably be misfeasance not to draw up such plans.

What makes it notable in this case is that China has been playing a game of brinkmanship with the Philippines, Japan, and the United States over the South China Sea for over a year. Now, some of the countries it has targeted are pushing back. The Philippines has deployed additional troops to the disputed island chain. To the north, Japan is set to nationalize hundreds of islands which China has begun claiming as its own. We are witnessing a colossal game of chicken.

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