Friday, January 17, 2014

More Explosives Found at Palestinian Mission in Czech Republic

Via the Herald Sun News:
CZECH investigators have discovered explosives at the Palestinian embassy complex in Prague where a possibly booby-trapped safe killed the ambassador on January 1, police say.

Police discovered 12 illegal weapons following the explosion at the embassy that killed Ambassador Jamal al-Jamal, but this is the first time that authorities said explosives were also found in the new complex that includes the embassy and the ambassador's residence.

... The ministry said on Thursday it would not immediately comment on the explosive.

Police said on Thursday they received a letter from the Palestinian authorities saying the weapons were given to them as gifts by the officials of the former communist Czechoslovakia.

Czechoslovakia was part of the Soviet bloc that had warm ties with the Palestinian Liberation Organisation.
 Authorities are testing the the explosives, and making ballistic tests of the firearms.

H/t Jihad Watch and Gates of Vienna.

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