Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How Obama is Going to Use His Pen and Phone

Obama has proclaimed that with or without Congress, he is going to get things done. Obviously, as the chief executive, Obama has the ability to enact policy changes within the Federal government, and even its contractors (e.g., his recent requirement that government contractors pay higher minimum wages). But we have seen other examples that are more likely to be the real method he will use his pen and phone: by siccing government agencies, such as the IRS, on his enemies; and making it more difficult on the public, and "encouraging" private entities to work with him. He doesn't need Congress to pass new laws if he can bully his opposition to stay quiet, and bully businesses and corporations to follow his plan. For over 100 years, Congress and the Courts have been handing more and more authority to the office of the President. Now we have the tyrant our founding fathers warned against.

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