Saturday, January 25, 2014

Feminist Failure -- Biggest Obstacle to Social Mobility is the Single Parent Household

The Washington Examiner reports on a Harvard Study on social mobility and children.

A new study from Harvard University on the ability of low-income children to achieve social mobility found that the largest hindrance to moving up the income ladder is being raised by a single parent.

“The strongest and most robust predictor [of social mobility] is the fraction of children with single parents,” the study said.

Further, the study found that “[children] of married parents also have higher rates of upward mobility if they live in communities with fewer single parents.”

... The study found the prevalence of single parents to be a much larger factor in determining social mobility than income inequality -- something President Obama and Democrats speak of ad nauseum.

In fact, the study found that income inequality was not a statistically significant predictor of social mobility.
I guess Dan Quayle was right. The fact is that the left's policies are and always been horrible failures. And as for Obama's latest on "income inequality," I can guarantee that it is merely another excuse to rob the middle-class in order to buy the votes of the poor.

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