Tuesday, January 14, 2014

And Why Do Blacks Support Democrats?

The history of the Democratic party for the past 150 years, at least, has been one of hostility toward blacks, and manipulating black voting. Immediately after the Civil War, the KKK was formed and essentially became the militant arm of the Democratic party. It manipulated black voting patterns in the South through strict intimidation. In the Northern states, a different model evolved, not solely aimed at blacks, but which would prove even more successful--the political machine model based on "bread and circuses." The Civil Rights Movement was co-opted by the Democrats, who abandoned the intimidation model (for the most part) to influence black voting, and turned almost exclusively to the political machine model. It aim is not really to help blacks, but to garner votes. Yet blacks still continue to overwhelming support a party and a system that has resulted in massive unemployment among blacks--particularly black men. From the Center for Economic and Policy Research (h/t Instapundit):

The drop in labor force participation was sharpest for African Americans, who saw a decline of 0.3 percentage points to 60.2 percent, the lowest rate since December of 1977. The rate for African American men fell 0.7 percentage points to 65.6 percent, the lowest on record. The decline in labor force participation was associated with a drop in the overall African American unemployment rate of 0.5 percentage points to 11.9, and a drop of 0.6 percentage points to 11.6 percent for African American men.

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