Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Why Cops Shouldn't Have Guns -- Lack of Gun Safety

Instapundit had a link to this Reddit post on Denver police pointed a loaded rifle at a crowd at the Denver airport. The background was that the poster was part of a group of people waiting to check their firearms as baggage at the Denver airport. Since it was hunting season, there are a lot of hunters waiting to check weapons. While scanning someone else's rifle case, TSA noted that the rifle in the case was loaded. Keystone cop antics ensued:

Everything stops. TSA isn't allowed to even remove it from the scanner. They call a supervisor, police and detective to come 'take care of it'.

10 minutes later uniformed DPD show up with TSA supervisor and DPD detective in tow. Detective looks bored. Supervisor looks excited, has a camera to 'document the situation'.
Uniforms take cased rifle out of CT scanner and place it on counter that runs along left side of room. Proceed to unlock case, while TSA takes literally dozens of photos, and open case up. Rifle is now sitting in case, pointed at doorway and tensabarrier beyond which 8-10 hunters, a woman who bought her nephew a toy gun as a present and had to check it, and myself, are waiting.

Uniformed DPD then picks up rifle and sweeps it back and forth across the entire crowd while "inspecting" the trigger, safety and bolt. Finger on trigger.

Crowd scatters, I nearly dive for cover. Woman with toy gun just looks confused wondering why everyone is shoving to get out of the way.

Police, TSA and Detective are all completely oblivious. Not a clue what they just did.
I make smart ass comment out loud "leave it to the police to wave a loaded rifle at you".

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