Friday, November 29, 2013

Rejecting "I have a dream"

I've seen some a couple posts concerning Wayne Bennett, who is a Pennsylvania judge, commenting about the book, "White Girls Bleed A Lot" by Colin Flaherty.

Wayne Bennett writes at his blog:
Here is the deal, no matter how violent some young black punks act and wild out towards groups of white people--or a single white individual, it will never make up for all the violence that was practiced against people of color throughout this nation's history. So spare me the isolated (and high profile) incidents of horror.
Unfortunately, this is not an aberration. In reviewing Bennett's blog, this seems to be an accurate representation of Bennett's attitude. But let's be clear what Bennett espouses--revenge. Not justice. It doesn't matter to him whether or not white victims may have been responsible for "the violence that was practiced against people of color throughout this nation's history." Certainly the victims Flaherty documents did not enslave anyone, or lynch anyone in the post-Civil War South, or engage in any of the other "violence" to which Bennett refers. He rationale brands him as bigot, plain and simple.

Moreover, the "knock-out game" attacks are not high profile because they are isolated. Rather, it because they are so obviously racially motivated that it is impossible to ignore them. Because the media does its best to ignore the violence. Flaherty wrote earlier this month:

A black mob in New York beat a young white couple earlier this month. The event was horrific, but not unusual.

Black mob violence is an increasingly common occurrence in many American cities, though you would never know of this trend from mass media. When confronted with astounding levels of such violence, the same reporters who dutifully produce stories about black caucuses, black churches, black colleges, and other race-based institutions suddenly become color-blind.

The following incidents all occurred during the last several days — did you read about any of them?

– In New Haven, Connecticut, 500 blacks attending a party billed as “An All Black Affair” fought and destroyed property in and around a downtown restaurant. The chaos then spread to two other nearby venues. Shockingly, no one was arrested – New Haven police claimed their resources were tied up with crowd control.

– At Virginia State University, 200 black students rampaged through the campus, assaulting people and destroying property. One person was stabbed. Only one was arrested.

– A small group of blacks beat and robbed riders on a New Jersey commuter train, sending four people to the hospital.

– In racially fueled violence, blacks at the University of Minnesota robbed and assaulted four separate groups of white students over a weekend.

Despite the very recent and short time frame, the above list is far from a complete accounting. The New York Daily News did cover the recent beating of a white couple, but dismissed the idea that the attack was race-fueled – despite witnesses reporting the attackers’ spewing racial epithets. The paper chose to quote a witness who described them as “just some teenagers.”
 Bennett appears to be a liberal. But it is liberal policies that have been so poisonous to blacks, and so destructive to black communities and culture.

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