Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Do We Live in a Police State? (Updated and bumped)


Update: And see this article of government stationing regulators in banks and brokerages.

2nd Update (11/18/2013): From InfoWars:

After local media began questioning the appearance of mysterious “off-white boxes” attached to utility poles in the downtown area, reports uncovered the mesh network devices’ ability to siphon off unsuspecting mobile user’s IP addresses as well as the last 1,000 locations visited. Storyleak and Infowars’ exclusive documents went one step further in revealing the vast amount of local and even federal agencies tied into the network’s information-gathering center.
A new file entitled the “Police Video Diagram” proves police officers’ ability to access and control live-video feed from the city’s expansive collection of surveillance cameras, all from the comfort of their police cruisers.

... The diagram and spreadsheet give even more validity to our earlier reports that showed multiple agencies having access to all cameras tied into the mesh network. One spreadsheet section asks that “outside agencies shown on the diagram” be given access and control of cameras tied into the mesh network, including the controversial Homeland Security-run Fusion Center, which was labeled a “useless and costly effort that tramples on civil liberties” by the United States Senate.
According to a February West Seattle Blog interview with Assistant Police Chief Paul McDonagh, no video footage collected can be kept for more than 30-days unless needed for criminal investigation purposes. The specification spreadsheet proposal asks for “at least 60-day archival recording capacity.”
3rd Update (11/20/2013): See this video at Say Uncle of a father being arrested for wanting to pick up his kids at school, on foot, but not wanting to sign a release allowing the kids to leave on their own. The cop started arguing with the man and then arrested him when the cop started loosing the argument.

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