Thursday, November 14, 2013

Chinese Military View U.S. As Enemy

No surprises there. From the Epoch Times:

A documentary film produced by top personnel in the Chinese military says that the United States has for decades been attempting to subvert China and bring down the Communist Party. 
The film, which runs for 92 minutes and was produced by the National Defense University, first appeared on Chinese video websites in late October, and was taken down several days later. Titled Silent Battle, it sounds a somber warning bell against what it says are American designs to attack the ideology and culture of China’s communist system, through such nefarious means as “economic infiltration.” 
The chief producers of the film, which was made in June, are two senior generals of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA): Liu Yazhou, a general and the political commissar of the PLA’s National Defense University, and Wang Xibin, also a general. 
... “Conflict and struggle with the American hegemonic system is inevitable on the path of China’s national rejuvenation,” the film declared in its opening. “It is a century-long battle that does not depend on one’s will.” 
The documentary argues that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, it was China that fell into the United State’s crosshairs. A grim-faced eagle stares into the camera. 
In this view, even United States attempts to engage with China have the underhanded purpose of trying to undo the rule of the Chinese Communist Party, something that U.S. policymakers deny.
 No one likes the referee.

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