Thursday, October 17, 2013

Why Cops Shouldn't Have Guns--Double Feature

On the night of June 27th, Los Angeles County deputies raided the home of Eugene Mallory and Tonya Pate. Authorities claim they had probable cause to search the premises because they could smell chemicals used to make methamphetamine [ed: cat urine?] while standing outside the house. Police suspected Mallory of being involved in an illegal meth ring. [ed: because the smell couldn't have possibly come from somewhere else...]. 
Mallory was asleep in bed when police entered his home [ed: by violently breaking down the door in a high crime neighborhood in the middle of the night]. Pate said her husband has bad eyesight, and couldn’t tell that the men entering the house were police officers without his glasses. 
What happened next is disputed by police and Pate. The deputies claim that Mallory pointed a gun at them, requiring them to take defensive measures. They shot him six times, and he died [ed.: it is unknown how many bullets missed him]. 
... But Pate maintained that her husband did no such thing. 
“He would never point a gun at officers,” she said. “He was taken from me for no reason.” 
... Police found no meth, nor evidence of a meth operation, inside the house [ed.: must have been a stray cat that peed on the house]. They did find marijuana — in Pate’s son’s room. 
The sheriff’s department insists that the marijuana vindicates the raid [ed.: see, there was a reason, so na-na-na-na-na...].
I've added a few comments to the story to make it a little clearer on what happened.

The same Daily Caller article linked to this story from an LA ABC affiliate:
A Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputy has been temporarily relieved of duty after he allegedly fired his gun in the air to scare a group of pranksters. 
The department says Deputy Sung Pak was off-duty when some kids rang his doorbell in Santa Clarita and took off. 
A spokesman says Pak tried to follow the kids to identify them, when some of the larger members of the group turned toward him in a threatening manner, and Pak allegedly fired a warning shot in the air.

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