Saturday, October 26, 2013

Time for Nullification

Danny de Gracia writes at the Washington Times that perhaps it is time for states to start using the 10th Amendment and work at nullifying federal overreach.

The sincerely intentioned yet ultimately deceived who think purely partisan solutions will fix America should Google “Weimar Republic” and discover this has all been tried before to no success in world history. Partisan remedies only mask the symptoms of a nation’s crisis but allow the real disease – excessive concentration of power among a few – to worsen. 
Immediate relief from Washington’s abusive and unstable governance is best achieved in our local state capitols and city councils through the constitutional remedy of the Tenth Amendment.  America’s founders engineered the Tenth Amendment into the Bill of Rights as a means to nullify and rebuke tyrannical abuses by the federal government against the states. 
The founders studied history and, seeing the curse of Ozymandias on countless dead republics and democracies, recognized that only divided power could hold back the tide of tyranny. By reserving distinct and separate powers for the states and federal government, the founders believed that America could remain free from monolithic oppression. 
The Tenth Amendment has never been repealed, though in practice it has of recent been ignored. It’s time for states to identify the unconstitutional federal laws, regulations and practices which have encumbered populations and depleted local budgets. State legislatures then need to act accordingly to nullify these illegal encroachments rather than waiting for Washington D.C. to change its collective mind on bad policy. 
America’s state and city elected leadership need to remember well their oaths to uphold both the Constitution of the United States of America and their state charters. Look how bad things have turned for the nation in just the last three months alone. America cannot wait until 2014 or 2016 for vain hopes of rebooting the federal government. 
America has already expressed its disgust and mistrust of Washington’s leadership. It’s time for the power of K Street to decline and for Main Street to arise, starting in our capitols and city councils. The rightful remedy is nullification and the right time to act is now.

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