Thursday, October 24, 2013

The War Against Large Families

I encountered fertility shaming for the first time years ago when I entered a store with three children in tow and one on the way. A woman stared at me with a sneer on her face and after I checked my blouse for a grape jelly handprint or something else offensive, I realized she was offended at my number of children. She glared at my children and then my belly with a look of revulsion and turned away, shaking her head. 
... Why is this bias problematic? Underneath the ridicule of the minivan lifestyle is a current of intolerance toward large families, and a culture that doesn’t regard big families with approval and affection is a culture in decline. .... 
... For our very survival, the cultural disdain for large families must end. The myth of overpopulation must be fought. Couples with four or more children are happier, more stable, and more devoted to each other than those with smaller numbers of offspring. Large families are good for our culture and good for our future.
I think of it as evolution in action.

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