Friday, October 11, 2013

Organ Snatchers?

The Daily Mail has an interesting, if disturbing story. Kendrick Johnson, the 17 year old son of Kenneth and Jacquelyn Johnson, of Valdosta, Georgia, died in January in what the local coroner determined to be an accident. He was asphyxiated when he got caught in a wrestling mat. The parents believed that he was murdered, and finally obtained a court order allowing them to exhume the body.
 However, they were sickened when the postmortem revealed the teen's brain, heart, lungs, liver and other viscera were missing from his body and old newspapers, complete with ads for J.C. Penney, were in its place. 
'I'm not sure at this point who did not return the organs to the body,' Dr Bill Anderson, the private pathologist who conducted the second autopsy, told CNN. 'But I know when we got the body, the organs were not there.' 
Standard practice is to remove organs during autopsy to help determine cause of death but they are always returned before burial. The fact the organs are missing, only makes the entire case even more suspicious.

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