Friday, October 18, 2013

Hollywood Arrogance

This is just an example of why the media so poorly serves over 50% of the population. In reporting over controversy concerning the filming of the movie "Noah," Fox News notes:
A source tells FOX411 that Paramount is determined to make a movie that is as biblically accurate as possible and appeals to those who go to church each Sunday, while Aronofsky – an independent filmmaker making his first big studio film – has a very different creative vision less in the line with scripture. 
“Paramount is trying to keep it on track,” the insider said. 
... But not everyone thinks “Noah” has to follow the Bible’s lead. Others think the critically acclaimed director behind “Black Swan,” “The Wrestler,” and “Requiem for a Dream” has the right to tell the tale in whatever way he sees fit.
“Darren Aronofsky is a filmmaker, not a historian or theology professor so as an artist he can interpret the story of Noah however he wants,” argued L.A-based pop culture expert Jenn Hoffman. “Paramount might worry about offending people, but that shouldn't be a director's concern. Aronofsky only has to stay true to his own vision.”
 This, of course, is wrong. If Aronofsky were only spending his own money and resources, then he could follow his "creative vision" where ever it leads him. But Aronofsky isn't spending his own money on this project. He is spending money on behalf of companies and investors that expect a return on their investment. Thus, he needs to be producing a product that has sufficient appeal to attract audiences and return a profit. "Pop experts" are not going to see a move about Noah, unless he is portrayed as a transgender lesbian, so in order to make money, it must appeal to "people who go to church," and Aronofsky's "vision" otherwise be damned.

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