Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Guess Who Developed the ObamaCare Website...

The Conservative Tree House followed the gravy train and discovered that the company awarded the "no-bid" contract, CGI, owns another company called Silver Oak Solutions (SOS). SOS is the company that developed the PRISM system used by the NSA. Also, CGI operates out of Canada (which is important). 
So a mandatory taxation program (Obamacare) which has the enforcement arm of the IRS, and an additional 16,000 approved IRS agents,  yet contains no baseline “income verification” within the legislation, is being implemented by a data registry/collection platform which also provides the National Security Agency with data intelligence on American citizens.

Well at least now we know why CGI is operating out of Canada.    Because so long as the data collection is “international” the extent of the data mining by the NSA is unlimited.
(Underline added).

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