Sunday, October 13, 2013

Greek Police Infiltrated by Golden Dawn

Greece’s neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party has penetrated the country’s police force, set up caches of heavy weapons in remote locations and trained its recruits to carry out brutal attacks against immigrants and political opponents, according to the country’s top security official. 
Nikos Dendias, minister of public order and civil protection, said in an interview with the Financial Times that Golden Dawn’s cult of extreme violence was “unique” among European far-right groups. 
... But another reason for taking the investigation away from the regular police force is that it has been infiltrated by Golden Dawn. Some police officers in districts with sizeable immigrant populations have gone beyond colluding with local neo-Nazis to set up political cells within their units, Mr Dendias said. 
“I have brought in the internal affairs division of the force to clarify exactly what sort of structures Golden Dawn has within the police,” Mr Dendias said. “We know these cells exist, we have evidence. We will take firm measures.”
 If I remember my history correctly, Hitler was introduced to Nazism while working undercover for the German police.

In any event, I find a lot of articles describing the Golden Dawn as neo-Nazis and racist, but very little on their actual beliefs or political platform. A couple of articles say that prominent members express an admiration for Hitler and deny the Holocaust, but so do many Muslims.

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