Thursday, October 3, 2013

Feel Good Story of the Day--Whale Celebrates Release of Its Mate

The Daily Mail reports on the release of a humpback whale, named Foggy, entangled in ropes from old lobster pots off of the coast of Long Island. Whale watchers discovered the trapped whale and called for assistance. During the whole time, another humpback whale, known as Grommet, stayed by Foggy's side. According to the article:
... The whale had rope wrapped around her head and across her blowholes and peduncle - the narrow part of her tail, just ahead of the flukes. 
... The Campobello Whale Rescue Team then used specialist equipment to cut the rope snagging Foggy's tail, and then the ones around her head. 
... The instant Foggy was freed, Grommet dove and then burst from the water in a spectacular celebratory breach.
Photos at the Daily Mail link above.

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