Thursday, October 10, 2013

Desperate for Global Warming

You can tell how desperate the global warming scaremongers are by the amount of hyperbole they use. The Daily Mail reports:

The Earth is racing towards an apocalyptic future in which major cities such as New York and London could become uninhabitable because of irreversible man-made climate change within 45-years according to a sobering new study published this week. 
Humanitarian crisis' could unfold, as hundreds of millions of global warming refugees pour illegally across borders fleeing the consequences of the temperature rises which might leave entire regions of the planet extinct of life. 
And while the doomsday clock is ticking, with the first signs of change expected at the end of this decade, researchers of the study claim that it is too late to reverse and mankind needs to prepare for a world where the coldest years will be warmer than what we remember as the hottest. 
Indeed, the study from the University of Hawaii published online Wednesday in the journal Nature predicts that even if we utilized all resources to stop and halt our current carbon emissions, the changes are irrevocable and can only be postponed.
So let me get this straight: if the temperatures and CO2 levels return to what they were before the ice age--as in the period of the dinosaurs and most of the age of mammals--life will become extinct in most areas of the world? That is amazing. Contradictory to the empirical evidence, but amazing.

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