Sunday, October 20, 2013

Censorship at the L.A. Times

Fox News reports that the Los Angeles Times has a policy of excluding letters to the editor which are critical of "global warming." 

Paul Thornton, editor of the paper’s letters section, recently wrote a letter of his own, stating flatly that he won't publish some letters from those skeptical of man’s role in our planet’s warming climate. In Thornton’s eyes, those people are often wrong -- and he doesn’t print obviously wrong statements. 
“Simply put, I do my best to keep errors of fact off the letters page; when one does run, a correction is published,” Thornton wrote. “Saying ‘there’s no sign humans have caused climate change’ is not stating an opinion, it’s asserting a factual inaccuracy.” 
What amounts to a ban on discourse about climate change stirred outrage among scientists who have written exactly that sort of letter. 
"In a word, the LA Times should be ashamed of itself," William Happer, a physics professor at Princeton, told 
"There was an effective embargo on alternative opinions, so making it official really does not change things," said Jan Breslow, head of the Laboratory of Biochemical Genetics and Metabolism at The Rockefeller University in New York.
A sure sign of desperation when the defenders of the status quo are afraid of facts and opinions that threaten the status quo.

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