Sunday, October 20, 2013

Bullying is Rooted in Contempt and Narcissism

Fox News has an op-ed on bullying that explodes the myth that bullies are simply lashing out because of their own pain. Instead, research shows that bullying springs from narcissism and contempt for the victim. Paul Coughlin writes:

Writes Dr. Roy Baumeister of the University of Florida in Scientific American: "Playground bullies regard themselves as superior to other children; low self-esteem is found among the victims of bullies but not among bullies themselves." 
Other experts concur, including Jeane Twenge, Ph.D., and Keith Campbell, Ph.D., authors of “The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement.” 
They write, "[I]t's usually not low self-esteem that causes a kid to become a bully. Much more often, it's narcissism: narcissistic kids fight when insulted, not the low-self-esteem kids (who are likely to do nothing)." 
... The late Dr. Robert Solomon of the University of Texas, Austin, was a pioneer in the field of this dangerous emotion that has motivated many of history’s despots and dictators -- bullies of the highest order. 
Dr. Solomon explains that we express resentment toward those we perceive above us, anger toward those of equal status, and contempt toward those “below us.” 
Those consumed by contempt believe others [including institutions, hence “contempt of court”] are inferior. 
Unlike anger, which is hot but short-lived, contempt is somewhat cooler but longer lasting, helping us to see why some bullies are so tenacious -- even beyond the grave, as we see here. 
Worse, explains Dr. Solomon, many serial bullies believe the object of their contempt lacks value, and may be even worthless.
Sort of like Obama's contempt for those in "fly-over" country that bitterly cling to their guns and religion, and have no legitimate gripe, in his view, about ObamaCare. Obama is a bully. Probably always has been.

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