Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Ruling Elite's Game Plan

J.R. Dunn writes at the American Thinker about the ruling elite and how they are undermining America:

Codevilla saw clear signs of the formation of a ruling elite in the U.S., a convergence of interests among both "liberal" and "conservative" politicians, along with industrialists, academics, and members of the entertainment and media worlds.  It has become expedient for these blocs to combine their efforts in order to protect and extend their own interests, even in defiance of the American political system and secular creed as it has always existed.  Opposing this effort is the "country class," the vast mass of Americans, essentially the middle class (to be American is, in a real sense, to be middle class), who have invested their lives in the traditional state of the country and expect to see it remain as it is.   These past months present us with clear evidence that the Codevillian ruling class is beginning to take shape.  
... There is in the natural world a class of phenomenon called the "phase change," in which a substance will change from one state to another without much in the way of notice, as water turns to ice at 32'F and many liquids will sublimate into gas.  The political world often acts the same way -- consider how the tumult of Weimar Germany suddenly became melded into the mass reflection of a single lunatic's will after 1933, or the way that Central Europe simultaneously dismissed Marxism in favor of Western democratic capitalism in 1989.  Is the U.S. going through such a phase change as we watch? Many of the most controversial episodes of the past few months -amnesty, gay marriage, the various NSA scandals -- strongly suggest such a transition in political structure. 
... We have reached a fork in the road, and the establishment conservatives have chosen for the elite.  They are in the process of becoming the right wing of the ruling party. 
... So what is the ruling elite we are facing? With far leftists and blacks at one end, remnants of the old WASP ascendancy mingling with Hispanics and Asians in the center, and urban conservatives on the right, this is not your typical 20th-century statist conglomeration.  This is something new; the old appellations just won't work.  It's probably best to simply identify its chief characteristics for the time being: a worship of the state as a source of power, a veneer of "progressivism," in the sense that society consists of "problems" that can be solved only by state-wide efforts, green technology,  and of course, a hefty dose of classism.  
This goes a step beyond Dr.  Codevilla. What we are seeing is the foundation of a new form of technofeudalism.  ...  The ruling class believes that we are on the verge of an environmental collapse, triggered by "climate change." They intend to keep their toys and privileges no matter what.  The rest of us will have to do without -- no heat, bad food, no transport, all of life's luxuries (and freedoms)-- vanished with the snows.  They will retain all this and more in well-protected enclaves, keeping a careful eye on the proles with their drones and PRISM-derived surveillance systems.  The American ruling class will by this means join the transnational elites living the same way -- as in many areas, among them Africa, Central Asia, and Latin America, they do already. 
Anyone who doubts this can take a look at the works of John Holdren, Obama's science czar, or the actions of former EPA chief Lisa Jackson, or the HUD programs going under the name "Regionalism," which intends to turn Americans out of their wasteful private homes and automobiles into vertical slums patterned after 1960s high-rises, where they will be allowed to work only at jobs within walking distance.

We are to become crowded, hungry, cold, stupid, and poor, our transportation limited to bicycles (registered with the block authorities, needless to say, on the North Korean model), our access to information controlled by the same filtering systems that Google developed for the Chinese.  Education will be limited to such an extent as to make the goofball stoonts of today seem like the protégés of Socrates.

If you want to see the American future from the point of view of the ruling class, look at Detroit -- a once mighty city that now features packs of wild dogs roaming through overgrown lots in abandoned neighborhoods.  There are photos of Detroit that hauntingly resemble third-world slum metropolises -- vast stretches of neglected, collapsing housing with the skyscrapers of the rulers looming in the misty distance.  This is what the Obama future looks like.  This is what the elite is willing to accept on our behalf. 
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