Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"Smart Mormons"

Mike Jensen writes at the Canada Free Press about a certain Mormon religious belief that (should) tie into political beliefs:

So here’s what I learned: Mormons ... believe that all humans lived a life before mortality.  They call this the pre-existence or pre-earth life.  ...
In this pre-earth life, we were all in the presence of God as His spirit children.  Jesus was there—the first-born of God’s spirit children, and a leader in the councils in Heaven.  Lucifer was also there, and was another leader among the children of God.  He was called a “son of the morning.” 
At some point in this existence, the Father called all of His children together to explain [that they] would have to leave His presence and come to earth for a period of testing.  The goal was to see if we would live a righteous life even when we had to live by faith, as we would no longer be able to remember God or heaven .... 
...  However, God knew that we would all make mistakes, so he would provide a Savior for the world.  This Savior would live a sinless life, and because of that, he would qualify to pay for the sins of the world through what would be called the “Atonement.”  If people would sincerely repent of their sins, then the Atonement would essentially erase their sins, and they could still return and live with God.  The Father called for volunteers to be this savior, and two stepped forward: Jesus and Lucifer. 
Lucifer said that he would be the savior and he would force everybody to live righteously, thus guaranteeing that all of God’s spirit children would return to Him in heaven.  Jesus said that He would follow the Father’s plan and allow God’s children their free agency.  They could choose for themselves whether to live righteously and take advantage of the Atonement or whether to live in sin and forfeit the opportunity to return and live with God. 
God rejected Lucifer’s plan, causing Lucifer to rebel and declare war on God.  One-third of God’s spirit children joined Lucifer in this rebellion.  In the end, the rebellion failed and Lucifer and his followers were cast out of heaven.  They came to earth without bodies and now, continuing the war they started in heaven, they tempt men to do evil to one another and lose out on the chance to return to God. 
... Most traditional Christians believe that Lucifer lived in heaven as an angel, but then declared war on God and was cast out.  However, the causes for that war are not necessarily clear in traditional Christian theology. 
That is where Mormon theology is so intriguing.  For Mormons, the greatest of all battles, the war in heaven, was fought over LIBERTY—or as they call it, “free agency.”  Lucifer wanted to take it away, while God demanded that humans have it.
I've discussed this with my children to distinguish good political beliefs from bad, noting that some government programs that may seem "good" or beneficial on the surface are, in fact, consistent with Lucifer's plan because they use force (i.e., the coercive power of the state) to require us to do "good". But, of course, if we are forced to be good, then we never actually develop the capability to do good, but are merely doing what we are forced to do. I've also noted that the modern tyrannical movements of socialism and communism often sell themselves as being good, while in fact relying on force to implement their policies, and removing free agency.

Unfortunately, many Mormons do not make the connection that Mr. Jensen has made.

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