Monday, September 23, 2013

NYC Mob Attacks Sikh Professor

USA Today reports:
Police say Prabjot Singh, a 31-year-old Sikh, was attacked just blocks from his home by a group of more than 20 young men on bikes who called him a terrorist and shouted "Get Osama!" Singh, who was saved when passersby intervened, was left with injuries including a fractured jaw, reports the Columbia Spectator. 
Gawker points out that Singh himself noted in a New York Times article on anti-Sikh violence last year that the turbans and long beards of Sikh men have often marked them out as targets for discrimination both in India and overseas.
A group of "young men on bikes"? According to the Village Voice:
 He was walking with a friend when they passed a group of what he estimates were 25 to 30 young men, most of them African-American, who began yelling "Get him," "Osama" and "terrorist." 
I looked through perhaps another half dozen articles concerning this incident, including from ABC News, New York Times, Fox News, Huffington Post, etc., and not one of them described the attackers as anything but "youths" or "young men." Have we now become Europe where violence by certain minorities is so problematic that the media dares not report ethnicity for fear of being labeled racist?

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