Monday, September 16, 2013

Navy Yard Shooting (Update)

Update: More information on Aaron Alexis.

Update: The white male is no longer a person of interest.

Update: Police appear to have discounted a possible third shooter:
Authorities spent much of the day searching for two other potential suspects, before deciding that at least one of the two men was “not a suspect or person of interest,” according to a police statement released on Twitter.

Update: has an AP report on the identity of the dead shooter and indicates that 12 people have died:
Federal law enforcement officials say the man accused in a shooting rampage at the Washington Navy Yard that left at least 12 people dead has been identified as Aaron Alexis. 
... Alexis was a 34-year-old from Texas. He is believed to have a criminal record there and to be a holder of a concealed carry weapon permit. 
That official says Alexis is believed to have gotten into the Navy Yard by using someone else’s identification card.
I would note that it is the shooter should not have a valid concealed carry permit if he has a criminal record.

Update: CNN had previously reported that "[t]he suspect in the shooting is a 6-foot tall, bald black male of medium complexion, wearing a black shirt and jeans, said D.C. Metropolitan Police spokesman Chris Kelly."

Update: The Washington Post is now reporting that 7 are dead.

Update: Police looking for two other shooters:

D.C. police chief Cathy Lanier said in a news conference that authorities are looking for “potentially two other shooters,” with one shooter dead at the scene. 
“The big concern for us right now is that we have potentially two other shooters that we have not located at this point,” Lanier said. 
She said one shooter involved in the situation is dead following the shooting. 
Lanier said that one of the shooters was a white male seen at around 8:40 a.m. this morning with a khaki tan military uniform and a beret. He was last seen with a handgun, she said. And she said police are also looking out for a black man, approximately 50 years old, who may have been in possession of a “long gun.” That man was wearing an olive military-style uniform.

Update: The Washington Post indicates that the AP is reporting 6 dead.

Update: The Monroe News is carrying an AP report indicating that one of the shooters is dead.

Update: The Washington Post indicates that CNN is reporting two shooters "down."

Update: The LA Times is reporting 5 dead.

Update: The National Journal reports:
An active shooting is underway at Washington D.C.'s Navy Yard Monday morning. At least ten people have been shot, including two police officers, according to the MPD. A senior Navy official told NBC that at least a dozen people have been shot, with multiple people dead. As of about 10:40 AM, the scene was still being called active by D.C. police. 
A Metropolitan Police spokesperson told the Washington Post that three shooters are involved with the violence, one is down and two remain in the building. The Post later updated their report to say that police believe there were two shooters on the scene, not three. The Navy has not confirmed the reports of multiple shooters. NBC is reporting that there are at least two shooters, with at least one currently down. D.C. police have refuted reports of multiple gunmen to CNN. "We don't have a number of suspects right now," Officer P.J. Newsham told CNN. Newsham said that searching the area would take some time.

The facts are still hazy, but here is a roundup of some stories this morning:

An early report from Fox News reports:

Four people were killed and 12 were shot - two of the victims police officers - at the Washington, D.C. Navy Yard Monday morning, and the shooter has not yet been apprehended, authorities confirmed. 

A senior Naval official confirmed the number of victims to NBC News.
One of those shot was a D.C. police officer, reported NBC News' Pete Williams. Another was a base security officer. 

The conditions of the victims are unknown, but George Washington Hospital reported that at least one victim has been transported to that hospital. 

The U.S. Navy says three shots were fired at 8:20 a.m. inside Building #197 at the Naval Sea Systems Command Headquarters, 1336 Isaac Hull Ave. in the Southeast section of the District. U.S. military officials say the gunman - armed with an AR-15, a military-style assault weapon - first shot the base security officer.
 However, the Washington Post has reported that there were 3 shooters involved:

Police say three shooters, including at least one in fatigues, have shot at least 10 people at the Washington Navy Yard. 
Police said at least one of the shooters is “down,” but it was unclear whether that means the suspect has been arrested or shot. Two remain at large, and police believe they have pinned down one between the third and fourth floors of one of the buildings on the installation in Southeast Washington. 
... Police on the scene said at least eight civilians were shot, along with the two police officers. One is a D.C. Metro Police officer who was shot two times in the leg and was evacuated on a helicopter that took off from a rooftop, police said. The other officer worked at the base. Except for the officer who was taken away by helicopter, all the other injured were being treated on the ground, police said. 
A Navy Yard employee reached by telephone shortly before 10 a.m. said employees are still being told to shelter in place. She did not hear the shots, but described sirens, SWAT teams, Marines and a helicopter responding. 
The U.S. Navy said that three shots were fired around 8:20 a.m. at the Naval Sea Systems Command Headquarters building, where about 3,000 people work.
 (See also the Washington Post's live blog). But the Washington Post just updated its story:

Police now believe two shooters, including one in fatigues, have killed four people and wounded eight others at the Washington Navy Yard on Monday, throwing the region into fear and chaos during the morning commute.

The Washington Times seems to also be confirming multiple shooters:
Multiple media reports said at least two attackers were involved in the rampage, and officials remain on the hunt for additional “active” shooters. 

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