Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mike Walsh on the Republican Revolution

That is, the revolution occurring within the Republican party. He believes that the Republican party may be at a tipping point between the RHINOs, who participate in the Progressive agenda, and true conservatives (and libertarians). However, he also makes the following observations concerning ObamaCare:

... The Democrats’ fierce, desperate contortions to sneak Obamacare through the Congress should stand as a monument to how the system can be abused and manipulated by a group of unscrupulous politicians — and care needs to be taken that such a travesty can never happen again. 
This doesn’t mean, as the Left would have you believe, that the choice is between Orwell’s Big Brother and Oliver Twist’s workhouse. I can’t name a single Republican senator who opposes some kind of healthcare “reform” (a misnomer, since the law has to do with insurance, not healthcare). But the reforms on the Right mostly concern the liberated operation of free markets across the country, not a top-down, imposed, statist solution that only aggrandizes more power and wealth in Washington while doing little or nothing about medical care. Only a child, a moron, or a Democrat could believe that you could take a system as complex as medical care/insurance, impose a collectivist solution to a non-existent problem upon it, and expect the markets to function as before, only this time cheaper.
 And read this piece describing how ObamaCare contains a substantial marriage penalty, and could encourage divorce.

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