Friday, September 13, 2013

EU Hubris

Talk about putting the spin on history. From the Telegraph:
The European Commission president has used his annual "state of the Union" speech to MEPs to warn Eurosceptics that their hostility to the EU could again plunge Europe into war. 
In a thinly veiled reference to those like David Cameron, the Prime Minister, who want to roll back the EU's powers, Mr Barroso said that next year's centenary of the First World War should be a reminder of the "Union's" role of keeping the peace in Europe. 
"Let me say to all those who rejoice in Europe's difficulties and who want to roll back our integration and go back to isolation: the pre-integrated Europe of the divisions, the war, the trenches, is not what people desire and deserve," he said. 
"The European continent has never in its history known such a long period of peace as since the creation of the European Community. It is our duty to preserve and deepen it."
The European Community is not responsible for European peace. The United States is, by cocooning Western Europe after WWII and constraining the use of their armed forces.

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