Sunday, September 22, 2013

Another Brit Tries to Distract from the U.K.'s Crime Problem

Henry Porter writes at the Guardian:
That's America, we say, as news of the latest massacre breaks – last week it was the slaughter of 12 people by Aaron Alexis at Washington DC's navy yard – and move on. But what if we no longer thought of this as just a problem for America and, instead, viewed it as an international humanitarian crisis – a quasi civil war, if you like, that calls for outside intervention? As citizens of the world, perhaps we should demand an end to the unimaginable suffering of victims and their families – the maiming and killing of children – just as America does in every new civil conflict around the globe.
Porter then goes on to confound suicides with murders, and ignoring that most gun violence is confined to battles between inner-city gangs, and that the U.S. is actually a much safer country to live in than the U.K., for instance. C'mon Mr. Porter, please explain why your country is so much more violent than mine.

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