Friday, August 2, 2013

They Had To Kill the Deer to Save It

The Daily Mail reports that heavily armed Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Officers and local sheriff deputies raided an animal shelter in order to euthanize a fawn. It is illegal in Wisconsin to keep a wild animal without a permit. The fawn was scheduled to be moved to a wildlife facility the next day.

Giggles stayed at the facility for two weeks, during which time the DNR received two anonymous phone calls reporting that the fawn was staying there against regulations.
According to WISN 12, the authorities arrived with detailed information about where they could observe the baby deer at the farm, including aerial photos.
The agents then corralled the staff and went in search of the animal, returning minutes later with the apparently lifeless fawn. The DNR maintain that they tranquilized the deer and killed it off-site.
I think that if the local police have the money and time to conduct aerial surveillance and conduct a SWAT-style raid for what should have been a citation issued by a single DNR officer, they obviously have too much money and time on their hands. The proper remedy would be to reduce their budget and number of officers so they have to better budget their funds and personnel. Also, we need to know the name of the judge that actually signed off on this stupid raid.

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