Monday, August 26, 2013

Runaway Production

Hollywood, and California, bleeding jobs to other locals. The article and interviewees seem to heap the blame solely on competition via tax incentives from other states and countries. However, this part leapt out at me:
These days studio chiefs insist that filmmakers they work with take advantage of out-of-state incentives to lower production costs, which on a single major motion picture can amount to savings of tens of millions. Those savings are crucial in a franchise-obsessed era when big-budget movies commonly cost north of $200 million to produce, while on the revenue side the DVD market has largely collapsed and cinema attendance has been generally flat over the past decade. In the current climate, most independent projects would not even be produced without incentives.
I would suggest that poor writing and a media culture out of touch with much of America has caused a decline in demand for Hollywood's product. I know that I don't want to spend $10 per ticket to see a movie that either insults my intelligence or my values.

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