Thursday, August 22, 2013

Nova Delphini Still Visible

From NBC News:
A dazzling star explosion discovered in the night sky last week is the brightest nova seen from Earth in at least five years and it's visible now to the naked eye.

The Nova Delphinus 2013 star explosion can be seen by the naked eye from places without too much light pollution, skywatching experts say. The stellar phenomenon is expected to be visible for weeks to come, and its location in the night sky should make the nova easy for even novice stargazers to spot.
"The nova is easy to locate north of the lovely star pattern of Delphinus. And the constellation Sagitta, the Arrow, points right toward it," Tony Flanders, associate editor of Sky & Telescope, said in a statement. [See Stargazer Photos of Nova Delphinus 2013 (Gallery)] 
Arne Henden, who is director of the American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO), added that the nova will be easily visible in the eastern sky starting in the early evening. 
"The nova can be seen with binoculars even from light-polluted metropolitan areas," Henden said in a statement. "Hundreds of observers, many for the first time, have submitted brightness estimates of the nova to the AAVSO."
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