Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Liberal Hypocrisy At Its Worst--Why Gun Free Zones Aren't Good Enough for Politicians

The Daily Caller notes the White House's response to an online petition to eliminate security details for the President, Vice-President, and other politicians and simply provide them with a "gun-free" zone for security. The response:

Thanks for your petition.

We live in a world where our elected leaders and representatives are subject to serious, persistent, and credible threats on a daily basis. Even those who are mere candidates in a national election become symbols of our country, which makes them potential targets for those seeking to do harm to the United States and its interests. In 1901, after the third assassination of a sitting President, Congress mandated that the President receive full-time protection, and that law is still in effect today. Because of it, those who are the subject of ongoing threats must receive the necessary and appropriate protection.

Who cares if there are threats. Just make it illegal to carry a gun into the gun-free zone around the President (I would be willing to make an exception for Joe Biden to carry his double-barrel shotgun). And if a law passed in 1901 is the excuse for "having" to provide security, then change the law. We certainly don't need to be bound by outdated conceptions of a bunch of old white men made over 100 years ago. Back then, politicians didn't understand the efficacy of "gun-free zones."

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