Friday, August 2, 2013

Is There Any Way to Challenge Obama's Election?

The evidence seems to be piling on that Obama undermined conservative groups and broke the law to win the 2012 election. (Of course, the country club GOP is perfectly fine with attacks on the Tea Party branch of the party). It now appears that not only was the IRS targeting conservative groups, but it was sharing information with other government agencies to also target conservative groups:

Also, there is the significant meeting between the IRS legal counsel and the President. The Daily Caller describes the factual background:

IRS chief counsel William Wilkins, who was named in House Oversight testimony by retiring IRS agent Carter Hull as one of his supervisors in the improper targeting of conservative groups, met with Obama in the Roosevelt Room of the White House on April 23, 2012. Wilkins’ boss, then-IRS commissioner Douglas Shulman, visited the Eisenhower Executive Office Building on April 24, 2012, according to White House visitor logs.

On April 25, 2012, Wilkins’ office sent the exempt organizations determinations unit “additional comments on the draft guidance” for approving or denying tea party tax-exempt applications, according to the IRS inspector general’s report.
(More here). The point to remember here, though, is that the IRS general counsel does not provide legal counsel to the President. So why was he meeting with Obama at such a coincidental time if not to coordinate efforts at a high level?

On a related note, the Volokh Conspiracy notes that the Administration may have violated the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act in its collection of information from Facebook and Facebook users to determine swing voters.

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