Wednesday, August 21, 2013

California Jails are Full...

... due to releases of over 40,000 prisoners from state prisons because of "overcrowding."
There was at least one alternative to releasing the 40,000+ prisoners into our communities, but when former Governor Schwarzenegger tried to transfer prisoners to much lower cost prisons in other states, the correctional officers' labor group sued in court and won to stop such transfers. The losers? You guessed it right - the good people of California.
And this:
A consequence of this government-made prison crisis is that local jails can rarely accept a criminal for booking by the local police for new crimes committed. Accordingly, local criminals have little to fear. In fact, when under arrest, they frequently joke with officers that being arrested is no big deal since there will be no real consequences for them. With the additional releases pending, I see a very dark future for the safety and security of people living in California - especially those living lower and middle class lifestyles. The more affluent areas of this state will not feel the bite as much. And it is not lost on me that the people who make the destructive policies, federal judges included, tend to be more affluent that the rest of us.

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