Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Hispanic Vote

The Republican leadership is panting after immigration reform, as presented by the Democrats, like a dog in heat. Yet they either don't understand, or don't care, that it will not help Republicans. Pelosi even had admitted that "[w]e wouldn't even be where we are right now had it not been that 70% of Hispanics voted for President Obama, voted Democratic in the last election."

I've discussed before that the Democrats' plan is to turn Texas to a blue state, thus locking in Democratic control of the Presidential elections and, probably, the House.

I am not hopeful of blocking some sort of immigration reform, whether this year or the next. It has the support of the liberal base, plus the support of Wall Street (although, perhaps I repeat myself), farmers, manufacturers, etc. Thus, Republicans are getting pressure from some of their biggest supporters.

I wonder if the response here is, instead of backing the Democrats' reform proposal, Republicans focus on a broader reform, without the pork and special exemptions, which would force the Democrats to look anti-immigration.

What got me thinking about this is that the U.S. has survived fairly open immigration before, in the late 1800's and early 1900's. And, we will soon be facing an influx of Christians fleeing Muslim countries, which often represent the most productive classes in those countries.

The imposition of immigration restrictions was actually a progressive policy and did anything good come from the progressives? Perhaps Republicans can reshape the debate into immigration policy that makes sense by rewarding those with no criminal records, valuable skills or education, money to invest, or fleeing religious or political persecution with an easier path to obtaining visas and citizenship, while punishing those that have illegally entered the country. Basically, open up immigration to those that have followed the rules, make it easier for people to immigrate (including increasing the number of immigrants that can enter the country) while prohibiting or slowing down the process of immigration for anyone that has been detained or deported for illegally entering the country at any time in the past. Try and get a balanced immigration from countries all around the world, rather than focusing on immigration from Mexico.

What do you think?

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