Friday, June 21, 2013

The Why of My "Why Only Police Should Have Firearms" Series

The purpose of my series is not necessarily to make cops look bad. My purpose is to combat the meme common among pro-crime groups that various forms of gun control should be implemented, including limiting firearms to the police and military, because, according to them, only an "expert" can safely own, carry, and operate a firearm--and pretty much only the police and military qualify as "experts". (Even a lot of gun owners with police or military backgrounds seem to believe this). Related to this is that only certain types of people (police, etc.) can be trusted to not misuse a firearm.

The reality is that the police are no better at firearm safety and misuse than the typical non-police gun owner. They are humans and subject to the same foibles and mistakes as any other person. Like the general public, some are good, some are bad, and some are indifferent in their lives, their standards, and their jobs.

There is nothing magical or mysterious about firearms and responsible firearm use. Most anyone can safely use a firearm. The key factors are whether he or she is responsible, serious and considerate (i.e., aware of others' safety and needs) when handling a firearm. The pro-crime meme that only "experts" can be trusted with a firearm is a lie.

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