Tuesday, June 11, 2013

"Rogue Agents" and Other Myths of the IRS Scandal

One of the most pernicious stories (and I use that in the fictional sense) concerning the IRS scandal is that it was the work of "rogue agents." 

The heart of the effort to target tea-party and other conservative groups, we are learning, occurred in Washington, and that is likely why five D.C.-based IRS officials who are connected to the targeting have retired, resigned, been replaced, or been put on administrative leave, since news of the scandal broke in mid May. They include Holly Paz, who last week, according to an IRS source, was replaced as director of Rulings and Agreements, the division that oversaw the targeting of conservative groups; Washington lawyer Carter Hull, who is accused of micromanaging the processing of tea-party cases, and who, according to IRS sources, requested his retirement package on March 12; the commissioner of the agency’s Tax Exempt and Government Entities division, Joseph Grant, who retired on June 3; former IRS commissioner Steven Miller, who resigned days after news of the scandal broke; and the director of the IRS’s Exempt Organizations division, Lois Lerner, who was placed on administrative leave only after refusing to tender her resignation, according to Iowa’s Chuck Grassley. All five are or were based in the IRS’s headquarters on Constitution Avenue in Washington, D.C.
Although there is no direct link to the White House, it is interesting that the director of the IRS visited the White House more than any other high ranking official--even more than any of the cabinet officials. However, given the poisonous atmosphere of Washington and the Democratic party, Obama needn't have given any express orders--like a mafia don, he merely had to suggest that something needed to be done about his enemies, leaving it to henchmen and lackeys to discern his intent and carry it out.

Anyway, here is another article discussion other myths that have arisen concerning the IRS scandal.

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