Monday, June 17, 2013

Racist Hate Speech From the Left

Joan Walsh, author of "What's Wrong With Colored White People," insults Sarah Palin over comments concerning immigration reform because Palin had the temerity to understand that the so-called "immigration reform" isn't about immigration, but is about votes. Ms. Walsh writes:
Note that Bush didn’t mention any specific race as being either more or less fertile. Native-born Americans of every race tend to have fewer children than immigrants.
Really Ms. Walsh? I would like to see the statistics that immigrants of "any race," whatever that term means, have more children than native-born Americans. Because while the U.S. is at or near replacement levels, all of Europe, Australia, and much of Asia have much lower fertility rates. So we can exclude those peoples from your list of immigrants that have more children. So what's left?

Of course, where Ms. Walsh is really disingenuous is pretending that "immigration reform" is somehow colorblind. Anyone with a brain knows that "immigration reform" is aimed at Hispanics ... and getting more Democratic votes. So, if any group is playing "racial politics," it is people like Ms. Walsh.

Ms. Walsh goes on:
Palin even brought up race right at the beginning of her speech, talking about how she likes to confront people with Obama bumper stickers on their “itty-bitty little purple Volts” (and you know what else must be “itty bitty.”)
Their brains.

Seriously, how do you get from "itty-bitty little purple Volts" to "race"? Did I miss some Obama Administration regulation restricting Volts to only a certain ethnicity?

What actually scares Ms. Walsh, and other liberals, is that conservatives have more children than liberals. Thus the desperate attempt by the Democrats to legalize millions of illegal aliens.

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