Monday, June 17, 2013

Obama Trusts Syrian Rebels More Than He Trusts Americans

Last week, I noted that by arming the Syrian rebels with weapons that are illegal or restricted in the United States, "Obama is saying is that he trusts a bunch of Al Qaeda associated rebels in Syria more than he trusts American citizens." I was not the only one with that thought. The Truth About Guns observes:

I savored the ridiculousness of that position at my local gun store. Obama’s Boyz don’t want polite, tax-paying Americans without a criminal record to buy black rifles but they’re OK with handing out fully automatic firearms to religious/tribal fanatics in a land where the last time they had an extended period of peace was . . . never. There’s another, equally galling aspect to this . . .

The President of the United States has openly and condescendingly mocked Americans who say they need “assault rifles” to protect against the possibility of a tyrannical government. Yet he’s intent on providing assault rifles to “rebel” forces who oppose a “legitimate” (i.e., UN recognized) government. The President does so in the name of ending the slaughter that accompanies tyranny.

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