Sunday, June 23, 2013

GM Wheat Discovery Threatens U.S. Exports

The Guardian reports on the finding of genetically modified wheat apparently growing "wild" in a farmer's field in Oregon.
The stakes are high for America's wheat exports, with Japan and South Korea cancelling shipments; for Monsanto, which faces lawsuits from farmers for falling wheat prices and a consumer backlash against GM products; and for the US government, which must shore up confidence in the safety and integrity of the food supply.
Although Monsanto claims to have destroyed all its GM wheat it had tested, and that this incident is sabotage,  the article notes one researcher believing sabotage is unlikely. The article also notes other incidents of GM crops by Monsanto spreading from test fields to other locations. The wheat in this case was discovered by a farmer who sprayed a field with Roundup, to find certain grasses survived. Fearing a new resistant weed, he had the grass tested. The GM wheat was modified to be resistant to Roundup.

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