Thursday, May 23, 2013

What We Can Learn From Europe About Immigration (Updated)

Europeans decided some years ago that it would be a good idea to import lots of North African and Asian Muslim immigrants. They didn’t think it made much difference whether these immigrants were compatible with them culturally, or even whether they were interested in assimilating. Nor were they overly concerned about the employment prospects of the immigrants and their descendants, especially in the long term. Every European who voiced reservations about this policy was labeled “far right.” So any potential opposition was easily squelched.

This afternoon, two Muslim terrorists lay in wait for a British soldier in broad daylight in southeast London, armed with knives and a machete.
[The soldier was killed by them.]

The blood-soaked terrorists hung around for quite a while afterward. ... apparently waiting for policemen to arrive on the scene so they could attack them, too. Along the way they yelled “Allahu Akbar”–naturally–and made various threats against Great Britain on behalf of Islam. But they did not attempt to harm anyone else.
When the police arrived, the two terrorists charged them. One of them apparently had a gun, as well as the knives, so the police shot them. ... It seems remarkable that with hundreds if not thousands of ordinary citizens passing by, the terrorists were able to strut around unmolested, boasting of their murder. Here in the U.S., it would likely be different. But in the U.K., private ownership of guns is illegal, which means that only terrorists and other criminals are armed, and normal people are helpless.

Driving home from the airport tonight, I listened to a radio account of the attack which said that radical Islam is suspected as a possible motive. Well, of course, reserve judgment: don’t take their word for it!

What has been going on in Sweden is less spectacular but cut from the same cloth. “Youths” have been rioting in Stockholm and its suburbs for the last two nights. Their excuse is the fact that Stockholm police shot a Muslim who was attacking them with a knife. ....

* * *

At one time, it was believed that the U.S. was better at assimilating immigrants than European countries. It was true, actually, for most of our history. But it isn’t true any longer. Immigrant children who attend public schools are taught multiculturalism, which is shorthand for the evils of America. We no longer make any serious attempt at assimilation; the very concept is foreign. Just imagine any public school teacher talking about “Americanism.” So today we have this equivalence:
[Photos of one of the London attackers next to one of the Boston bombers].
 Update: Read this story speculating as to causes about the riots in Sweden. Reading behind the lines, it is exactly as written above in the Powerline Blog--non-assimulation and lack of employment prospects, even for the second generation.

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